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What is Outerwear?

Outerwear refers to the outermost layer of clothing that covers and protects the base and mid layers from various weather conditions and elements. This includes Jackets, Bibs/Pants, and Mono Suits.  

What are 509's warmest Snowmobile jackets?

Our warmest snowmobile jackets are part of our Trail Rider Collection and include the Powerline Jacket, R-200 Crossover Jacket, and the Temper Jacket.   


Snowboarding Jackets can be considered warm enough to snowmobile. However material types vary considerably from our snowmobile designed jacket and typically are not durable enough to withstand typical wear experienced when riding a machine.  

What repairs can be done on outerwear?

It is generally recommended to replace damaged gear, especially if the damage is significant. If you find yourself in an emergency situation and need a temporary fix, here are our recommendations.  

What is DWR?

DWR is a treatment that is applied during the fabric production process that creates a water-repellent barrier on the surface of the garment.  

What is the difference between 10k/10k and 20k/20k?

20k/20k can withstand more water pressure and will have more moisture wicking breathability on the inside of the material. 

What is YKK?

YKK is a zipper manufacturer that created the first water-resistant zipper, called the Aquaguard zipper, that is regularly used on 509 outerwear.

What is Speed Cinch?

Speed Cinch is a 509 exclusive tightening adjustment that allows you to quickly tighten your glove or jacket wrist cuffs with just one hand. 

What is Fusion Welding?

Fusion Welding is an innovative bonding technology that offers numerous benefits for snowmobiling and dirt bike riding gear including enhanced waterproofing, durability, breathability. 

How do I wash my R-200 Ignite Jacket liner?

Proper washing and care are essential for maintaining the performance and lifespan of the 509 R-200 Ignite Jacket Liner include removing the battery, using a gentle cycle with mild detergent, tumble drying on low heat or hang drying, and considering Nikwax for DWR protection. 

How do I replace my 509 jacket liner?

509 Jacket options such as R200 and Powerline have liners that are removable utilizing two attachment zippers and connection snap at sleeves and collar. Simply unzip and install liner of choice in reverse of removal steps.

What should I wear under my snowmobile bibs and jacket?

This is dependent on your climate and riding style of each end user. 509 supplies base layers and mid layers of different weights which will affect the level of warmth that is ideal for you bassed on your overall conditions.

What is the difference between Men’s and Women’s Snowmobile Outerwear?

The difference between men's and women's snowmobile outerwear lies primarily in the fit and design.  

What is SympaTex?

SympaTex is a leading fabric brand specializing in premium waterproof breathable fabrics that offer exceptional protection and comfort for snowmobilers, with impressive waterproofness, excellent breathability, and a durable yet lightweight design. 

What is the difference between GoreTex and SympaTex?

Gore-Tex and Sympatex are prominent brands known for their high-performance waterproof breathable fabrics, with Gore-Tex focusing on durability and longevity through ePTFE membrane technology, while Sympatex prioritizes environmental sustainability and moisture management with its hydrophilic membrane.

What is the difference between 5Tech and 5Tech Pro?

When it comes to snowmobiling, 509's 5Tech and 5Tech Pro fabric technologies offer varying levels of waterproofness, breathability, and construction, providing riders with options to meet their specific needs for protection and performance. 

What are the Differences Between 509 Mono Suits?

509 offers a range of mono suits, including the Allied, Stoke, and Either, each tailored to different snowmobiling styles and terrains, providing options for airflow, insulation, and performance while incorporating advanced materials and convenient features for optimal protection and comfort during snowmobile adventures.  

What gear is best for Trail Riders? (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert/Athletes)

The best gear for trail riders, including beginners, intermediates, and expert athletes, consists of insulated styles such as Temper, Allied, R200, and Powerline, each offering varying levels of warmth, protection, and performance for optimal comfort and enjoyment on the trails.  

Do Dirt Bike Pants have Built in Padding?

Dirt bike pants do not typically come with built-in pads, but they may have foam inserts to protect the fabric, while riders can enhance their protection with alternative gear such as the 509 R-Mor Protective Knee Pads. 

How are dirt bike pants supposed to fit?

Having well-fitting gear is crucial for comfort, performance, and safety in dirt bike riding, including finding the right fit for dirt bike pants, which can vary depending on rider preferences and riding styles.   

How to Wash Dirt Bike Pants?

Our step-by-step guide covers important tips like removing padding, closing all closures, using mild detergents, rinsing thoroughly, and drying properly. 

What to wear under Dirt Bike Pants?

While dirt bike pants offer essential coverage, there are additional items you can wear underneath to enhance safety and performance.

Are Snowmobile Pants and Bibs Waterproof?

Yes. Discover the waterproofing features of snowmobile pants and bibs, including advanced fabrics like Sympatex and 5Tech/5Tech Pro. Learn why waterproof gear is crucial for a comfortable snowmobiling experience. 

Do Dirt Bike Jerseys Provide Slide Resistance?

No, dirt bike jerseys are made of multiple fabrics many of which are mesh in nature. They will provide a minimal amount of protection to skin in light slide situations. Ultimately these fabrics are designed to be very breathable, and mirror stretch with riders motion.

What is a Mono Suit?

Mono suit is outerwear in which capsulates both jacket and bib into one seamless piece of outerwear. This eliminates common points of snow entry that is sometimes experienced in jacket snow skirt and bib connection.

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