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What is a Fuzion Lens?

A Fuzion lens is a groundbreaking innovation that combines the durability and anti-fog performance of a dual-pane goggle lens into a single pane, offering 5 times the optical clarity and eliminating distortion for a superior visual experience in outdoor activities. 

What is a Fuzion Flow Lens?

The Fuzion Flow Lens is an innovative goggle lens that combines Fuzion Lens Technology and Frogzskin venting to enhance clarity, ventilation, and performance in off-road activities.

How do I keep my goggles from fogging up?

Preventing goggles from fogging up is a multi-faceted endeavor that involves a combination of technology and user practices.

What are the differences between the Sinister X7, Aviator 2.0, and Kingpin snowmobile goggles?

From Toric lens shape to cylindrical design and advanced lens technologies, these goggles cater to different preferences and helmet sizes while consistently delivering top-notch performance.

how do I clean a goggle lens?

509 goggles come equipped with a microfiber goggle bag, a gentle yet effective tool for maintaining the pristine condition of your lens.

What is a tear-off goggle lens?

Tear Offs are a thin plastic sheet you install onto the goggles and can be torn off when too dirty to see through. 

What is an Ignite Goggle?

An Ignite Goggle is an innovative snowmobiling accessory featuring a heated lens technology that prevents fogging and ensures clear visibility in cold and varying conditions. 

What are the benefits of a heated goggle?

Heated goggles are beneficial for snowmobiling as they prevent fogging, ensuring clear vision in cold and changing weather conditions, ultimately enhancing safety and the overall riding experience.

Can I use my snowmobile goggles for skiing?

While using snowmobile goggles for skiing is possible, it's recommended to opt for skiing goggles to ensure the highest level of performance, comfort, and safety during your time on the slopes. 

Can I use my Dirt Bike goggles for snowboarding?

If you're a casual snowboarder looking for a quick solution, your dirt bike goggles might suffice. However, for avid snowboarders, investing in dedicated snowboarding goggles tailored to the sport's demands is recommended. 

How to put goggles on a Dirt Bike Helmet?

Properly putting goggles on a dirt bike helmet is a crucial step in ensuring your safety and comfort while riding. Following these steps will help you achieve a secure and comfortable fit.

Can you wear glasses with goggles?

Thanks to the progressions in goggle technology showcased by the 509 Sinister X7, Aviator 2.0, and Sinister MX6 goggles, these OTG compatible options enable individuals who wear prescription glasses to confidently undertake snowmobiling and off-road expeditions.

What is the difference between regular goggles and XL Goggles?

While regular goggles offer excellent eye protection for standard sizes, XL goggles extend this protection to those requiring 2x and 3x helmet sizes.

What is the difference between a snowmobile goggle and an offroad goggle?

The dual-pane lens construction of snowmobile goggles addresses the challenges of cold weather and fogging, while the single-pane design of offroad goggles prioritizes clarity and ventilation for dirt bike and SXS riding. 

Can I Use My Snow Goggle Lens in Offroad Goggles?

The Sinister X7 and Sinister MX6 goggles offer a versatile solution for those seeking interchangeability between snow and offroad lenses.

Is the Multi Goggle Case waterproof?

While the Multi Goggle Case is designed to protect your gear from everyday elements, it's not fully waterproof due to the zipper area.

How do I install an Anti-Fog Goggle Fan?

If you're looking to enhance fog-free performance, here's a step-by-step guide to help you install an anti-fog goggle fan effectively. 

Do you make perscription Lenses?

While 509 does not currently produce prescription goggle lenses, our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction extends to ensuring that our goggles are compatible with aftermarket prescription lens solutions.

What is the difference between Ignite and Ignite S1?

While both share the foundation of combating fogging, the Ignite S1 Goggle takes a bold leap into the realm of smart capabilities and convenient control.

Can I use an Ignite S1 lens with a non-ignite goggle?

When it comes to the Ignite S1 Lens, it's advisable to pair it with its designated frame for a seamless experience that capitalizes on its fog-eliminating capabilities.

Can I use an non-ignite Lens with an ignite goggle?

By using non-Ignite lenses on an S1 goggle, you can maximize the battery life of the heated lens. This can be particularly useful if you're venturing into extended outdoor activities and want to preserve the longevity of the heating element. 

How do I install goggle quick straps?

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