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Are 509 Helmets DOT and ECE Certified?

Yes, All 509 Helmets are either DOT Certified, ECE Certified, or both. Discover the importance of DOT and ECE certifications in motorcycle helmets and how 509 Helmets excel in safety. 

What is Fidlock®?

The Fidlock System is a cutting-edge magnetic buckle used in motorsport helmets ensuring quick, secure, closures with one hand and is DOT and ECE compliance for enhanced safety.

Does 509 Offer Replacement Parts for Helmets?

Ensure your safety and gear's optimal performance with 509's commitment to replacement parts for their helmets. From shield tint options to goggle short straps and more!

I crashed how can I tell if my helmet needs to be replaced?

Discover how significant impacts can compromise a helmet's structural integrity and protective capabilities, and why it's essential to have your helmet professionally inspected for safety.

How Often should I replace my helmet?

Most manufacturers recommend replacing your helmet every five years, regardless of whether it has experienced any significant impacts or crashes.

What is 509’s Lifetime Visor Replacement Warranty?

509 offers a revolutionary Lifetime Visor Replacement Warranty, providing free lifetime replacements for top sun visors on all helmets (excluding Tactical line) to ensure clear vision and rider safety. Click the link below for more information and restrictions. 

What is Ignite Technology?

509's Ignite Technology revolutionizes snowmobiling gear with fog-free performance in helmet shields and goggles, along with built-in heating elements in garments like jackets, gloves, socks, and balaclavas.

What is the difference between Snowmobile and Dirt Bike helmets?

Snow helmets are tailored for winter conditions, featuring breath boxes, chin curtains, and vent plugs, while offroad helmets prioritize ventilation for dirt biking adventures. 

What is Mips®?

Mips® (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is a revolutionary technology that enhances helmet safety by reducing rotational motion during oblique impacts. 

What is Carbon Fiber 3K?

Carbon Fiber 3K is an advanced carbon fiber variant known for its exceptional strength, lightweight properties, and stunning aesthetics. 

Can you use a Non-Ignite Shield on an Ignite Helmet?

509 offers snowmobilers the freedom to choose between Ignite and non-ignite shields for their Ignite Helmets, allowing them to tailor their gear to their individual needs.

Are 509 helmets compatible with speakers/comms systems?

509 helmets are indeed compatible with speakers and communication systems, thanks to the inclusion of interior speaker pockets. Here's a list of reccomened Speakers and Communication Systems. 

What are the Differences Between the Altitude and Altitude 2.0 Helmets?

The Altitude 2.0 Helmets incorporate improvements that result in a smaller and lighter product compared to the original Altitude Helmet. 

What are the Differences Between Each Version of the Altitude 2.0 Snowmobile Helmet?

Altitude 2.0 Snowmobile Helmet Series offers a range of options to cater to diverse rider preferences. From the reliable Altitude 2.0 Helmet to the top-of-the-line Altitude 2.0 Pro Carbon Fiber 3K Helmet, each version is designed to deliver superior performance, comfort, and safety. 

Can I Convert my Snowmobile Helmet into a Dirt Bike Helmet?

By removing the breath box and vent plugs on 509 Snow Helmets, riders can seamlessly transition between snowmobiling and dirt biking. 

Can I Use My Dirt Bike Helmet for Snowmobiling?

While 509 Snowmobile helmets can be adapted for offroad activities, 509 Offroad helmets lack standard breath box and vent plug components. To convert certain offroad helmets for snowmobiling, you would need to purchase these accessories.

What are the Differences Between 509 Delta Snowmobile Helmets?

Whether you prioritize versatility, modular design, or technological innovations, each helmet in the Delta series offers a unique set of features to enhance your snowmobiling experience.

What is the Venturi Venting System?

By creating negative pressure to efficiently evacuate moisture-laden air, the Venturi Venting System ensures clear visibility, temperature regulation, and rider comfort.

How Do I Clean my Dirt Bike Helmet?

From removing and washing inner pads to gently scrubbing the helmet's exterior, learn how to maintain your gear in pristine condition.

Why do Dirt Bike Helmets Have Visors?

Sun protection and visibility enhancement are the key benefits provided by these visors, making them an integral part of dirt bike helmet design.

Are Dirt Bike Helmets Street Legal?

Helmets that hold DOT or ECE ratings, such as those offered by 509, are considered street legal depending on your State and Country restrictions.

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