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Can I Buy Replacement Parts for 509 Boots?

Replacement Velo raid buckles and BOA parts are available to maintain the boots' peak performance, while the 509 customer service team can assist with other specific parts or accessories.

Does 509 Offer Half Sizing on Boots?

509 snowmobile boots are available in full sizes and come with a half size insert, allowing riders to fine-tune the fit for half-sized feet, ensuring optimal comfort, support, and safety during snowmobiling adventures.

My BOA Broke, Do I Need to Replace My 509 Boot?

BOA offers a lifetime warranty on their parts not stitched to the boots, providing a hassle-free solution for replacement and allowing you to keep your trusted 509 boots.

Can you use Snowmobile Boots for Snowboarding?

When it comes to snowmobile boots and snowboarding boots, using them interchangeably is not recommended due to differences in design, compatibility, and performance.

What is the Benefit of Snowmobile Boots Over Traditional Snow Boots?

Durability and support, traditional snow boots were never designed to withstand the punishment of a snowmobile and do not have the rigidity needed to take constant impact and abrasion from metal running boards.

What are the differences between 509 Mens, Womens, and Kids snowmobile boots?

Men's snowmobile boots are designed to cater to the shape and size of men's feet and calves, while women's snowmobile boots are crafted with a women-specific build and fit, and kids' snowmobile boots offer warmth, comfort, and durability for young riders.

What are 509’s warmest Snowmobile Boots?

509's Raid BOA Collection stands out as the warmest choice for snowmobilers, featuring advanced dual-zone BOA lacing, 600 grams of Thinsulate™ insulation, and a all new women's-specific design. 

Does 509 make Dirt Bike Boots?

509's Velo Raid Boots are a versatile offering bridging the gap between snow biking and motocross providing enhanced support, protection, and warmth.

How to break in 509 boots?

509 boots are designed to require minimal break-in, gradually conforming to the feet and providing a custom fit after just one or two rides.

How to size Snowmobile and Dirt Bike Boots?

Finding the right size for snowmobile and dirt bike boots is essential for a comfortable and safe riding experience and 509 offers standard US sizing and a half-size insert for a more precise fit.

Are Snowmobile boots necessary?

Yes, to achieve maximum support and comfort while snowmobiling boots are one of the most necessary products.

Are Dirt Bike boots necessary?

Dirt bike boots are essential for off-road enthusiasts, providing exceptional protection for the feet, ankles, and calves during rugged terrains and challenging rides.  

Are Dirt Bike Boots Waterproof?

Discover the advantages of waterproof dirt bike boots, as we explore the 509 Velo Raid Boot, offering protection, warmth, and support during off-road adventures.  

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