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What is SpeedCinch?

Speed Cinch is a 509 exclusive tightening adjustment that allows you to quickly tighten your glove or jacket wrist cuffs with just one hand.

What is Top Grain Goat Leather?

Top Grain Goat leather is a highly desirable material for snowmobiling gloves due to its exceptional durability, softness, and performance, providing the necessary protection and comfort for snowmobilers navigating challenging terrains and extreme conditions.

What conditions do you suggest for each glove?

509 offers a range of gloves designed for different temperature ranges and terrains, ensuring optimal insulation levels for specific conditions, while Top Grain Goat Leather enhances durability and performance. 

What is a Hipora Membrane lining?

The Hipora Membrane lining is a crucial feature in snowmobiling gloves, offering waterproof and breathable protection against the elements.

How should I wash my 509 Ignite Gloves?

Keep your 509 Ignite Gloves in top-notch condition! Learn how to properly wash and care for these intelligent heated gloves with our step-by-step guide. 

What are the differences between 509 Dirt Bike gloves?

Discover the best 509 dirt bike gloves for enhanced riding experiences; compare the High 5 Insulated, 4 Low, and Low 5 models for comfort, protection, and grip, and make an informed choice for your thrilling off-road adventures.

How should I wash my Snowmobile Gloves?

Learn how to properly wash and maintain snowmobile gloves, keeping them clean and extending their lifespan, and discover a convenient solution for restoring their water repellency. 

How to dry Snow Gloves?

Hang drying is preferred to avoid damaging the waterproof membrane, while tumble drying on low heat with precautions can be used for faster drying.

What are 509’s Warmest Snowmobile Gloves?

Among our warmest offerings, the Backcountry Ignite Clim8 Gloves feature cutting-edge intelligent heating capabilities, while the Range Gloves provide unbeatable insulation and protection for cold trail riding adventures.

Can you Wash Dirt Bike Gloves?

509 dirt bike gloves can be washed on a warm, gentle cycle with mild detergent and hung to dry in a well-ventilated area to ensure their longevity and performance.

Are Dirt Bike Gloves Supposed to be tight?

Dirt bike gloves are essential for a comfortable and safe riding experience, and they are supposed to be tight to provide maximum feel, control, reduced bunching, improved grip, and a custom-like fit. 

Are 509 Snowmobile Gloves Waterproof?

509 offers both waterproof and non-waterproof options, catering to various preferences, with waterproof gloves featuring advanced technology like the Hipora membrane lining for wet conditions, while non-waterproof gloves prioritize dexterity and grip.

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