The Hipora Membrane is a waterproof and breathable glove liner that is incorporated into snowmobiling gloves. It acts as a barrier, ensuring that the gloves remain both waterproof and breathable during use. The membrane is made with a microporous structure, characterized by tiny pores or holes that allow moisture vapor to escape while preventing water from seeping in. 

The key to the effectiveness of the Hipora Membrane lies in its polyurethane layer, which is microporous in nature. This means that the pores in the material are small enough to prevent water molecules from passing through, making the gloves completely waterproof. However, the pores are still large enough to allow moisture vapor, such as sweat, to pass through, enabling the gloves to remain breathable. 

The importance of the Hipora Membrane in snowmobiling cannot be overstated. Snowmobilers often encounter harsh weather conditions, including snow, slush, and rain. Having gloves with a waterproof membrane like Hipora ensures that these external elements cannot penetrate the gloves, keeping your hands dry and protected. 

Furthermore, snowmobiling is a physically demanding activity that generates body heat and moisture. The breathability of the Hipora Membrane allows sweat and moisture vapor to escape from inside the gloves, preventing them from becoming clammy and uncomfortable. This breathability also helps regulate temperature, reducing the risk of overheating or chilling due to excessive moisture buildup. 

In the 509 glove lineup, you can find various models featuring the Hipora Membrane lining to cater to different needs and conditions. For example, the 509 Backcountry Gloves combine rugged stretch softshell fabric, top grain goat leather, and the Hipora Membrane for durability, comfort, and waterproof protection during aggressive riding. The 509 Range Gloves offer 5TECH™ waterproof/breathable performance and Thinsulate™ insulation for ultimate warmth and dexterity. 

The 509 Free Range Gloves provide a lower-profile option with a secure Velcro closure, Thinsulate™ insulation, and durable top grain goat leather. The 509 Duke Trigger Finger Mitt is perfect for the coldest days, offering superior warmth, waterproof lining, and the added benefit of a trigger finger for increased dexterity. 

The women's-specific 509 Freeride Gloves have been designed with a superior fit, pre-curved fingers, Thinsulate™ insulation, and the Hipora® membrane lining. These gloves are built for female riders who explore both on and off the trail. 

For younger snowmobilers, the 509 Youth Rocco Insulated Mitt and Glove, as well as the Youth Rocco Gauntlet Mitt and Glove, provide insulation, waterproof protection, and a secure fit to keep young hands warm and comfortable. 

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In conclusion, the Hipora Membrane lining is an essential feature in snowmobiling gloves. Its waterproof and breathable properties ensure that your hands remain dry, comfortable, and protected from external elements. With the incorporation of the Hipora Membrane in various 509 glove models, snowmobilers can choose gloves that suit their specific needs, providing reliable performance in challenging winter conditions.