When it comes to staying warm during trail snowmobile riding, 509 offers a range of jackets designed to handle the coldest temperatures and high-speed adventures. Let's take a closer look at some of 509's warmest snowmobile jackets: 

  1. Powerline Insulated Jacket: Built to withstand the toughest trail conditions, the Powerline Insulated Jacket is perfect for riders facing temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Constructed with a 5TECH™ hybrid design, this jacket offers zonal stretch and innovative insulation. It features a removable vest component and generous ergonomic fit for layering and all-day comfort. The waterproof construction is reinforced with Cordura® HP 300D fabric, ensuring superior durability and protection against the cold. The jacket also includes features like a baffled collar for helmet seal and wire pocket routing for powered helmets. 
  2. R-200 Insulated Crossover Jacket: Designed for those with a need for speed, the R-200 Insulated Crossover Jacket is a go-to choice for high-speed, full-throttle adventures. The weatherproof 5TECH™ shell material combined with a removable 200G insulated liner ensures optimal comfort and dryness at any speed. This jacket offers versatility, allowing riders to quickly switch between trail and off-trail rides without compromising performance. 
  3. Temper Insulated Jacket: For riders balancing work and play, the Temper Insulated Jacket is designed to handle both environments seamlessly. Made with heavy-duty and weather-resistant 300D fabric, this jacket offers 10K/10K waterproofing and breathability. Packed with 200G of synthetic insulation, it provides exceptional warmth in cold conditions. 

These jackets prioritize both comfort and protection, ensuring that riders can focus on their snowmobile adventures without feeling the harsh effects of low temperatures. The combination of advanced materials, insulation, and functional features make these jackets ideal for trail snowmobile riding in cold weather. 

So, whether you're looking for a jacket that can handle high speeds, quick transitions between trail and off-trail riding, or a versatile option for work and play, 509 has you covered with their range of warm snowmobile jackets. Stay warm, protected, and ready to conquer the trails with 509's top-quality outerwear. 

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