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Sinister XL7 Ignite S1 Goggle

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Seeing is believing—sometimes literally.
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Seeing is believing—sometimes literally. With smart technology, the 509 Sinister XL7 Ignite S1 Goggle leverages an in-frame sensor to monitor humidity and moisture automatically, activating the heated lens and built in fan to eliminate fog without having to lift a finger off the throttle. 
Ignite Polarized

Key Features

  • 20% increase in face foam for 2X+ helmet shell sizes
  • XL version seals in larger helmet shell sizes (2X, 3X, 4X)
  • Ignite S1 technology leverages an in-frame sensor to monitor humidity and moisture automatically, activating the heated lens and built in fan to eliminate fog
  • ITO coating warms inner lens to drive off moisture and durable PC outer lens has multiple coatings for premium clarity and performance - UV inhibitors, Hardness and anti-scratch
  • DC fan built into low profile fan compartment for high Flow, low power, and quiet airflow
  • S1 battery pack is moved to Left side, brake hand for easier control and access
  • Auto mode and ON mode (Orange Light) for control and managing battery life (goggle continues to run ignite heating and fan)
  • Manual mode (Blue Light) allows the user to control the heated lens and built in fan (user can choose which substate (Hi/Med/Low) to run and turn the fan/ignite heating on or off) *Manual Mode available via 509 app
  • Approximate Running Time: Auto = 4 hours, Manual = 8 hours
  • 5MAG lens retention system (magnetic quick-change lens system)
  • OTG, Over The Glasses, compatible
  • Shuttered Venting in frame scoop air in or closes off flow
  • Easily replaceable lenses to a broad assortment of improved lens tint technology including Polarized, Photochromatic, HCS, Ignite, or Fuzion lenses → Shop Lenses
  • Removable outriggers
  • Shear Bar interface between lens and frame keeps lens in place, even in hard crashes
  • Micro USB Charging Port: Located on bottom side of battery pack (Recommended Charger for Ignite S1 is 5V, 1.5A) 
    To open battery door: Depress the button located on rear battery door. With button depressed, slide door upwards.
  • Pairs with the 509 app via Bluetooth (available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store ) - only available in North America
  • Sign into app with internet/service connection before you leave to ride
  • Updated Manual found here 
  • WARNING for California residents


  • VLT Conditions:
    S0 = 80% to 100% Light Transmission
    S1 = 43% to 80% Light Transmission
    S2 = 20% to 43% Light Transmission
    S3 = 10% to 18% Light Transmission
    VLT (Visible Light Transmission) refers to the amount of light that can pass through the goggle lens.
  • Clear Tint – Night or Low-Light Conditions (VLT S0)
  • Fire Mirror Light Rose HCS Tint – Overcast, Low-Light Conditions (VLT S1)
  • Hi Vis Mirror Light Yellow Tint – Overcast, Low-Light Conditions (VLT S1)
  • Photochromatic Polarized Smoke Tint – Partly Coudy/Sunny to Bright & Sunny Conditions (VLT S2 to S3)
  • Polarized Yellow Tint – Overcast, Low-Light Conditions (VLT S1)
  • Raspberry Mirror Light Smoke Tint – Bright & Sunny Conditions (VLT S3)


509 University

  • Learn how to change the S1 battery here
  • Learn how to use and pair to the 509 app here
  • Learn how to change the lens here
  • Learn the difference between Ignite and Ignite S1 Technology here