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Sinister MX6 Fuzion Flow Lens

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Replacement lenses for the 509 Sinister MX6 Fuzion Flow Goggles.
Select Color: Chrome Mirror Clear Tint

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Replacement lenses for the 509 Sinister MX6 Fuzion Flow Goggles. This replacement lens for the Sinister MX6 frame combines our high-flow Frogzskin® venting—a super fine mesh that lets air in but keeps dust out— with our fog-free Fuzion lens technology
Frogzskin Fuzion

Key Features

  • Fits any Sinister MX6 Goggle Frame → Shop Now
  • Fuzion Lens Technology
  • Flow Venting with Frogzskin® Technology allows more air flow reducing inner goggle humidity
  • Improved tints, low light, and contrast improving lens technologies including polarized, HCS, and photochromatic available
  • Tear-off lens compatible → Shop Laminated Tear Off Refills
  • ANSI 7.1 impact resistance tested, OSHA & FDA approved
  • WARNING for California Residents


  • VLT Conditions:
    S0 = 80% to 100% Light Transmission
    S1 = 43% to 80% Light Transmission
    S2 = 20% to 43% Light Transmission
    S3 = 10% to 18% Light Transmission
    VLT (Visible Light Transmission) refers to the amount of light that can pass through the goggle lens.
  • Clear Lens - Night or Low-Light Conditions (VLT S0)
  • Chrome Mirror Clear Tint - Partly Cloudy/Sunny Conditions (VLT S2)
  • Fire Mirror Light Rose HCS Tint - Overcast, Low-Light Conditions (VLT S1)
  • Photochromatic Clear To Light Rose HCS Tint - Night or Low-Light to Overcast Conditions (VLT S0 to S1)
  • Light Yellow HCS Tint - Night or Low-Light Conditions (VLT S0)