When it comes to action sports, safety is of paramount importance, and protective gear plays a critical role in minimizing the impact of potential accidents and falls. Recognizing the need for high-quality, CE level protective products, 509 has developed the revolutionary R-Mor line, offering vests, shorts, knee pads, and elbow pads that prioritize safety while delivering unmatched performance. 

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At the heart of the R-Mor line is a commitment to CE Level safety certifications. CE certification is a mark that indicates compliance with European safety standards, ensuring that the protective gear meets stringent safety requirements. With the 509 R-Mor series, riders can have peace of mind knowing that they are well-protected with gear that has undergone rigorous testing and meets industry safety standards. 

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The 509 R-Mor Protection Vest 

Men's R-Mor Protective Vest

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One of the standout offerings in the R-Mor lineup is the 509 R-Mor Protection Vest. This lightweight and low-profile vest are designed to discreetly disappear under your riding jacket while providing CE certified impact protection to your chest and back. What sets this vest apart is the innovative R-Mor padding technology, which utilizes non-Newtonian fluid that reacts upon impact. This advanced material offers superior flexibility, comfort, and lighter weight compared to traditional protective gear, ensuring that riders can move freely without compromising safety. 

The 509 Women's R-Mor Protection Vest

Women's R-Mor Protection Vest

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The 509 R-Mor line also caters to women riders with the Women's R-Mor Protection Vest. Like its counterparts, this vest boasts CE Level 1 certification, featuring non-newtonian fluid, energy-absorbing material for optimal impact protection. The stretch woven material ensures a comfortable fit that keeps the pads securely in place, while the full center front zipper allows for easy on-and-off. 

The 509 Youth R-Mor Protection Vest

Youth R-Mor Protection Vest

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For young riders, the 509 Youth R-Mor Protection Vest is the perfect choice. Built to the same high standards as the adult gear, this vest offers CE Level 1-certified chest and back protection with non-newtonian fluid technology. The stretch woven material provides a comfortable fit, ensuring that the pads stay securely in place, and the full center front zipper makes it convenient to put on and take off. 

The Versatility of R-Mor

One of the key highlights of the R-Mor line is its versatility. While initially designed for snowmobiling and dirt biking, the R-Mor protective gear is equally effective for other action sports and activities where CE level protection is desired. Whether you're hitting the trails on a snowmobile, tearing up the dirt on a dirt bike, or engaging in any adrenaline-pumping sport, the 509 R-Mor series has got you covered with top-notch protection. 

In conclusion, the 509 R-Mor line is a game-changer in the realm of CE level protective gear. With a focus on safety, performance, and innovation, 509 has created a lineup of vests and protective accessories that cater to riders of all ages and genders. When it comes to action sports, having the right protective gear is non-negotiable, and the 509 R-Mor series ensures that riders can confidently push their limits, knowing they are backed by cutting-edge protection technology. Embrace the thrill of your favorite action sport with 509 R-Mor gear, and ride with confidence and peace of mind.