When it comes to action sports like snowmobiling and dirt biking, safety is paramount. Whether you're navigating rugged trails or hitting high speeds, there's always a risk of accidents and impacts. To safeguard riders from potential injuries, protective gear with proper impact ratings is crucial. One such rating that you might come across is CE LVL 1. 

CE LVL 1 is a certification standard used to assess the impact protection capabilities of protective gear. It sets specific criteria that the gear must meet to be classified as CE LVL 1 rated. One essential criterion is that the mean value for transmitted force must be below 35 kN to achieve this rating. But what does the mean value for transmitted force mean? 

In simple terms, the mean value for transmitted force refers to the average force that is transmitted through the protective gear upon impact. In the context of CE LVL 1 rating, it means that the gear should effectively absorb and distribute impact forces, reducing the energy transmitted to the wearer's body to a safe level. 

The Importance of CE LVL 1 Rating for Action Sports

Action sports involve high levels of physical activity, unpredictable terrains, and varying weather conditions. As a result, riders face an increased risk of accidents and impacts. Having protective gear with a CE LVL 1 rating is crucial for several reasons: 

  • Enhanced Impact Protection: CE LVL 1 rated gear is designed to provide enhanced impact protection by effectively absorbing and dispersing the force of impacts, reducing the risk of injuries to the wearer's body. 
  • Flexibility and Comfort: Despite offering high-level protection, CE LVL 1 rated gear is designed to remain flexible and comfortable. This allows riders to move freely and comfortably while maintaining adequate protection. 
  • Lighter Weight: CE LVL 1 rated gear is often constructed using advanced materials that are lighter in weight. This ensures that riders can enjoy the benefits of added protection without feeling weighed down or restricted. 

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The 509 R-Mor Protection Vest: 

Men's R-Mor Protection Vest

One example of CE LVL 1 rated protective gear is the 509 R-Mor Protection Vest. Designed to provide impact protection to the chest and back, this lightweight and low-profile vest discreetly fits under your jacket while delivering certified protection. The secret to 509's R-Mor padding technology lies in the use of non-Newtonian fluid, which reacts upon impact, offering excellent protection while remaining flexible, comfortable, and lightweight. 

509 CE Level 1 Protection Pad Kit: 


For riders seeking to upgrade their existing gear, the 509 CE Level 1 Protection Pad Kit is an excellent choice. This kit allows you to easily replace your older pads with CE LVL 1 certified pads featuring non-Newtonian fluid technology for added impact protection. 

Difference Between CE LVL 1 and 2

Both CE LVL 1 and CE LVL 2 gear offer impact protection, CE LVL 2 provides a higher level of protection and is often used in more demanding or extreme sports scenarios. The choice between CE LVL 1 and CE LVL 2 gear depends on the specific sport, the level of protection desired, and the individual's risk tolerance.

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