When it comes to purchasing products from 509 you may be wondering if they offer international shipping. Here's what you need to know about 509's shipping policies. 

At present, 509's online store, ride509.com, primarily caters to customers in the United States and Canada. If you reside in either of these countries, you can conveniently place orders through their online store. However, please note that international shipping outside of the US and Canada is currently not available through their official website. 

If you are located outside the United States or Canada and are interested in purchasing 509 products, the best option is to seek out local dealers in your country. 509 has an online dealer locator tool available on their website, ride509.com/dealer-locator, which can help you find the closest authorized 509 dealer in your region. By visiting a local dealer, you can explore and purchase 509 products directly, ensuring a smooth and efficient purchasing experience. 

For customers in the United States, 509 provides free ground shipping on all orders under $99. This is a great benefit for domestic customers looking to receive their products without incurring additional shipping costs. However, for Canadian customers, it's important to be aware that the same free shipping discount does not apply. This is due to the additional shipping fees associated with international delivery. 

When it comes to returns, warranties, and exchanges, 509's policies are specific to customers within the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, international customers are not eligible for prepaid return labels or the same warranty coverage as domestic customers. This is an important consideration to keep in mind when purchasing 509 products from outside the United States or Canada. If you have purchased 509 gear at an authorized dealer, please note returns and exchanges must adhere to the dealer’s policies the items were purchased from. For more information about our Return and Warranty policy visit ride509.com/pages/warranty-and-returns.  

While 509 does not currently offer international shipping through their online store, they provide a wide range of products for customers within the United States and Canada. Free ground shipping is available for US orders under $99, but this discount does not apply to Canadian orders due to additional shipping fees. International customers should seek out authorized 509 dealers in their respective countries. To find the closest dealer near you, visit the 509 website and utilize the dealer locator tool. Remember to check with local dealers for availability and specific purchasing details.