When it comes to riding motorcycles, safety is of paramount importance. Riders seek protective gear that offers a high level of impact resistance and conforms to safety standards, regardless of the type of motorcycle they ride. One question that arises is whether the 509 RMOR can be used on a street bike. In this article, we will explore the versatility of the 509 RMOR and why armor is essential for street bike riders. 

The 509 RMOR is a top-notch protective gear line designed to provide CE level protection for riders across various motor sports. The good news is that the 509 RMOR is not limited to a specific type of bike; it can be used for any motor sport where riders seek a CE level of protection. Whether you are into snowmobiling, dirt biking, motorcycle riding, or other action sports, the 509 RMOR has got you covered. 

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Riding a motorcycle on the streets presents its own set of challenges and risks. Unlike other motor sports, street bike riders have to deal with traffic, road hazards, and varying weather conditions. With increased exposure to potential accidents and collisions, protective armor becomes even more crucial for street bike riders. 

Why is armor important when riding a street bike? 

  • Enhanced Impact Protection: Motorcycle accidents on the streets can be severe, and impacts can lead to life-altering injuries. High-quality armor like the 509 RMOR provides excellent impact protection, reducing the force transmitted to the rider's body during an accident. 
  • Abrasion Resistance: In the event of a slide or fall, riders can skid across the road surface, leading to friction and abrasions. Durable armor materials protect the rider's skin from such road rash injuries, minimizing their severity. 
  • CE Certification: The 509 RMOR and other reputable protective gear often carry CE certification, ensuring that they meet European safety standards for protective equipment. This certification is a testament to the gear's reliability and effectiveness in safeguarding riders. To learn more about the difference CE LVLs visit the articles: What is CE LVL 1 rating? and What is CE LVL 2 rating?
  • Comfort and Mobility: Despite offering exceptional protection, armor like the 509 RMOR is designed to remain lightweight and comfortable. It allows riders to move freely and confidently, maintaining optimal control of their motorcycles. 
  • Weather Protection: Some variations of armor, like the 509 RMOR, are designed to cater to different weather conditions. They may include features like ventilation for hot days or additional insulation for colder climates, ensuring riders' comfort throughout their rides. 

The 509 RMOR is an incredibly versatile line of protective gear suitable for any motor sport where riders seek CE level protection. Street bike riders can confidently rely on the 509 RMOR to provide enhanced impact protection, abrasion resistance, and comfort during their rides. As seen in the various 509 street gear offerings, riders have access to high-quality helmets, boots, and jackets that unite them with the road while prioritizing their safety. Embrace your passion for riding and equip yourself with reliable, CE-certified protective gear like the 509 RMOR to fully enjoy the exhilarating experiences of street bike riding with peace of mind. 

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509 has curated an assortment of jackets featuring the light and flexible hybrid designed 1 Down 5 Up Jacket, and a genuine leather (1.1mm) styled @One Leather Jacket with flex paneling and an articulated riding fit. Both jackets feature YKK zippers, a removable comfort regulating insulated vest for miles of unmatched style. Check out the Street Jacket Collection. 

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The 509 x White's Perry Boot is a versatile moc toe design with secure heel fit. Crafted by one of the few USA made bootmakers, this iconic style combines White's Boots' newly developed 1972 Arch-Ease™ Last with the traditional logger upper for unparalleled comfort and durability. With the 509 x White's Perry Boot consumers will experience a virtually no break-in period and enjoy a timeless piece of American craftsmanship. Check out the 509 x White's Perry Boot. 

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