In the world of snowmobiling, the convergence of passion and creativity can lead to extraordinary ventures. This is precisely what happened when 19-year-old Tom embarked on a journey that would inadvertently launch a global snowmobile apparel brand known as 509. It all began with a film called "First Ascent," created by Tom Delanoy and his determination to fuel his love for snowmobiling and filmmaking. This article explores how "First Ascent" laid the foundation for the birth of 509 Films and the subsequent evolution into a renowned snowmobile apparel brand.

"First Ascent" stands as a testament to Tom's unwavering passion and dedication. Filming the majority of the footage himself, with occasional assistance, Tom captured the heart-pumping action of snowmobiling with a keen eye for detail. Beyond filming, Tom also took on the arduous tasks of editing and production, ensuring that the film was a true reflection of his vision. This solo endeavor showcased his determination to create a groundbreaking snowmobile film that would resonate with audiences. In order to bring "First Ascent" to a wider audience, 509 Films partnered with a local company in Spokane. This collaboration ensured that the film's DVD was replicated and made ready for resale.

While 509 Films embarked on their journey, it's important to acknowledge the presence of other talented filmers within the snowmobiling industry. Companies such as Slednecks, Thunderstruck, Extreme Team, Turnagain Hardcore, Alticity, Roops of Hazard, and many more contributed to the vibrant landscape of snowmobile filmmaking. The presence of these filmmakers fueled Tom's drive to stand out, constantly pushing his creative boundaries and establishing 509 Films as a distinctive brand within the industry.

The First Premier 

To celebrate the release of "First Ascent" and connect with fans, 509 Films organized a launch party at Northern Quest Casino during its inaugural year. This event provided a platform to showcase the film, generate excitement, and foster engagement with the snowmobiling community. The success of the first launch party paved the way for subsequent annual events, solidifying 509 Films' presence and creating a tradition cherished by fans and industry insiders alike.

Tom's passion for snowmobiling and videography gradually transformed into a larger vision. Building upon the success of "First Ascent" and the growing popularity of 509 Films, Tom saw an opportunity to expand the brand beyond filmmaking. Thus, the global snowmobile apparel brand known as 509 was born, with its online platform,, becoming the go-to destination for snowmobilers worldwide.

Growing From Films to Gear

Today, 509 offers a wide range of high-quality snowmobile gear and accessories, catering to the needs of passionate riders around the globe. The brand's commitment to innovation, performance, and style resonates with snowmobilers who seek reliable and cutting-edge equipment for their adventures.

The humble beginnings of 509 Films with "First Ascent" exemplify the power of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of a vision. “First Ascent" by 509 Films serves as a pivotal moment in the snowmobiling industry, propelling the visionary filmmaker Tom Delanoy to establish a global snowmobile apparel brand known as 509. From the solo endeavors of filming, editing, and production, to the collaboration with a local company for distribution, "First Ascent" laid the groundwork for the growth and success of 509 Films. The inaugural launch party at Northern Quest Casino and the presence of competitors in the industry further solidified 509 Films' position as a trailblazer. This passion and dedication eventually led to the birth of 509 as a leading snowmobile apparel brand, offering high-quality gear and accessories to snowmobilers worldwide. The journey from "First Ascent" to 509 represents the remarkable transformation of a dream into an empire that continues to thrive in the snowmobiling community