509 Sponsorships


We believe passion runs throughout our products, employees and our customers.  Team 509 is a group of individuals that mark success as more than just titles and trophies. Success is pushing yourself harder, faster and further than ever before... Our team strives to equip not only our customers to succeed but also our athletes.

509 represents the best of the best in our products, staff and riders. With one of the best support systems for athletes in various action sports industries, 509 brings a competitive edge to all of our riders.


We take great pride in our sponsored athlete roster. In order to be considered for the coveted status of “509 Athlete” we have a list of questions that must be fully completed before we can review your application. Snow athlete applications are reviewed from May through August. Failure to complete all applicable questions will result in an incomplete application that will not be considered. After you complete the application in full you can submit photo, videos, applicable links, and up to two important document if you wish. The more complete your application is the higher chance you have of being sponsored.

You will receive an automated email shortly after your successful submission telling you we have your application on file. It can take from 1-14 days for your application to be fully reviewed and responded to with the response it deserves so please be patient. We will respond to every completed application. Thank you for your passion and drive in your sport. Good Luck!

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