When it comes to customization options for helmets and goggles, it's natural to want a unique and personalized look. However, 509 does not offer custom-made helmets or goggles at this time. 

509 does not have the capability to create individual custom helmets or goggles. They do not offer personalized designs or modifications to their standard product lineup. However, 509 does release limited edition gear during specific events and seasons. 

Cat-themed Limited Edition Goggles

One notable limited edition release is the annual Cat-themed snowmobile goggle, which is part of their limited edition lineup. The 2023 Catman goggle is a continuation of this yearly tradition and features a unique design inspired by cats.  

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Catman Kingpin Goggle LE

Designed by Scott Willhelm, a member of the 509 team, the Cat Man goggle adds a touch of personality and exclusivity to the lineup. In previous years, 509 has released goggles such as the I-Kitty-Rod as part of their cat-themed limited edition line. 

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I-Kitty-Rod Snowmobile Goggle LE

Limited Edition Drops

In addition to the cat-themed goggles, 509 offers limited edition gear during 509 Day on May 9th, Black Friday, and other seasonal occasions. These limited edition releases often feature unique designs and colorways that are not part of the regular product range. For example, recent limited editions have included the Speedsta Black Gold Limited Edition Dirt Bike gear featuring the new Race 5 Kit. 

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Speedsta Black Gold Dirt Bike Gear

It's important to note that limited edition gear is typically available for a limited time and in limited quantities. These releases add an element of exclusivity and collectability to 509's product lineup, allowing customers to stand out with unique gear. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Threads, and YouTube and you are subscribed to our email list so you don't miss out on any of our Limited Edition Drops!