When it comes to outdoor adventures, having reliable gear that can withstand various weather conditions is crucial. If you're considering 509 hoodies and jackets, you may be wondering whether they are waterproof. While most 509 hoodies and jackets are not completely waterproof, there are select styles that offer water repellency due to a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish. However, if you're looking for jackets that are truly waterproof, 509 does offer specific options. 

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The Barren Stowable and Full Zip Jackets

The Barren Stowable Jacket and Barren Full Zip Jacket are two of the only casual jackets from 509 that are fully waterproof. These jackets are designed to provide optimal protection against rain and moisture. They feature a waterproof and breathable construction, fully taped seams to prevent water penetration, and Aqua Guard YKK zippers for added waterproofing. The Barren jackets are lightweight and can be easily packed into their own pocket, making them convenient to carry in your backpack or vehicle. With details such as adjustable hood cinches and waterproof zippers, these jackets are built to withstand foul weather conditions. 

Water Repellent Jackets and Hoodies

Example of DWR on Aurora Hoodie

Other 509 hoodies and jackets, they may not be completely waterproof, but they offer water resistance through the DWR finish. The DWR finish causes water droplets to bead up on the surface of the garment, rather than immediately soaking into the fabric. This allows the water to take longer to penetrate the material, providing some level of protection against light rain or moisture. While these options are not fully waterproof, they can still keep you comfortable in damp conditions. 

Here is a list of 509 hoodies and jackets that are water-resistant due to the DWR finish: 

If you require jackets specifically designed for extreme wet and cold conditions, 509 recommends their Outerwear Jackets Collection. These jackets are specifically engineered to provide superior waterproofing and insulation, ensuring optimal protection in harsh weather conditions. 

While most 509 hoodies and jackets are not completely waterproof, select styles offer water resistance due to a DWR finish. The Men’s Barren Stowable Jacket and Full Zip Jacket are the only casual jackets from 509 that are fully waterproof, featuring taped seams, waterproof zippers, and a lightweight design. For those seeking more water-resistant options, the hoodies and jackets listed above provide some protection against light rain and moisture. Remember to consider the specific needs of your outdoor activities and choose gear accordingly to stay comfortable and protected.