In 2017, 509 revolutionized the snowmobiling gear industry by introducing the Ignite Heated Dual Lens Technology. This game-changing innovation was incorporated into the Kingpin and Sinister X5 goggles, promising riders a fog-free and enhanced vision experience even in the most challenging weather conditions. 

509's Ignite Heated Lens Technology was nothing short of revolutionary, marking the first of its kind in the snowmobile industry. This groundbreaking innovation addressed a long-standing issue of goggle fogging, providing riders with a heated dual lens system that could be activated with a simple touch. The ability to eliminate fog and ensure a crystal-clear field of vision in challenging winter conditions made Ignite a game-changer for riders, setting an entirely new standard for snowmobile gear. Its debut signified 509's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what was possible in the industry, and it paved the way for further innovations and the implementation of Ignite technology across a variety of snowmobiling gear items. 

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509's Ignite Heated Dual Lens Technology was a breakthrough designed to eliminate the age-old problem of fogging goggles. Powered by a lightweight strap-mounted lithium-ion power pack, the Ignite lens could quickly heat up to a comfortable 104 degrees Fahrenheit. With a single button, riders could activate the Ignite technology in either a two-minute auto mode or an "always on" mode. The continuous run time rating of 4-5 full hours at the maximum temperature ensured that riders remained fog-free throughout the day, providing a clear line of sight and enhanced safety. 

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Recognizing the potential of this groundbreaking technology, 509 went on to implement Ignite in various other snowmobiling gear items, based on customer needs and feedback. The response from riders was overwhelmingly positive, as the technology offered versatility and enhanced performance across a range of products. Ignite was integrated into helmet shields, gloves, balaclavas, jackets, socks, and more, ensuring that riders were prepared for the most extreme riding conditions. With Ignite technology, riders could experience unmatched comfort, and clarity, allowing them to push their limits without worrying about fogged-up gear. 

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509's commitment to innovation extends beyond the initial introduction of Ignite. The brand has continued to improve and refine the technology, offering riders even better performance and longer run times. Customer feedback has played a crucial role in this process, enabling 509 to fine-tune the technology and create gear that better aligns with the unique needs of the snowmobiling community. The result is a range of products that are designed to keep riders comfortable, safe, and fully focused on their adventures. 

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The introduction of the Ignite Heated Dual Lens Technology in 2017 marked a significant turning point in snowmobiling gear innovation. What started as a groundbreaking feature in goggles has expanded into a versatile solution for a wide range of snowmobiling gear items. 509's commitment to continuously improve and adapt the technology based on customer needs ensures that riders can enjoy fog-free, exhilarating adventures, regardless of the weather conditions. As 509 continues to pioneer innovation in the industry, riders can look forward to even more exciting developments in the world of snowmobiling gear.