In 2016, 509 embarked on a thrilling adventure by announcing their first-ever snowmobile giveaway. The prize, a coveted 2017 Polaris Axys 155", promised to be a game-changer for one lucky enthusiast. The fortunate winner of this grand event was Kody Thompson from Edson, Alberta, who secured not only a stunning new sled but also a place in the annals of snowmobiling history. The success of this inaugural giveaway was nothing short of spectacular, inspiring 509 to continue this yearly tradition and take it to even greater heights. 

In 2016, Kody Thompson received the ride of his dreams as he became the recipient of the 2017 Polaris Axys 155". This exhilarating win left him thrilled, showcasing how 509's commitment to their community and the sport of snowmobiling had touched the lives of one lucky individual. 

The overwhelming success of the first sled giveaway inspired 509 to turn it into a beloved tradition. Year after year, snowmobile enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the chance to be the next lucky recipient of a brand-new sled, courtesy of 509. The annual giveaway has since become a highlight for both the company and its passionate community. 

509's annual sled giveaways are not just about the grand prizes; they are a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to snowmobiling and its dedicated riders. This tradition keeps the love for the sport alive, offering enthusiasts the chance to own top-of-the-line sleds and embark on countless adventures. 

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As 509 continues this yearly tradition, it remains an integral part of the snowmobiling community, continually inspiring, engaging, and connecting with riders worldwide. The legacy of the first winner, Kody Thompson, lives on as more enthusiasts dream of winning the next incredible sled and joining the ranks of 509's fortunate recipients.