In the dynamic world of snowmobiling and motorsport gear, 509 has consistently pushed the envelope, not only in their product offerings but also in their commitment to engaging with their dedicated fanbase. A significant milestone in this journey was their first appearance at Hay Days in 2016, a snowmobile and motorsport event like no other. As 509 now boasts a massive 60x100-foot booth at Hay Days, it's worth revisiting their early days at this incredible event. 

While 509's presence at Hay Days has grown significantly over the years, it all began back in 2006 when they were given a corner of Slydog Skis' booth. This humble beginning was the first step in what would become a thrilling annual tradition. In that small space, they sold DVDs and T-shirts, and remarkably, managed to rack up approximately $5,000 worth of sales. 

Since their inception at Hay Days, 509 has attended the event every single year, and their booth has expanded exponentially. It now stands at an impressive 60x100 feet, a testament to the company's continuous growth and the immense popularity of their products among snowmobilers and motorsport enthusiasts. 

509's first experience at Hay Days was nothing short of an adventure. The event was held in the middle of a cow pasture and lacked the polished venue that attendees enjoy today. But despite the chaos, the event's raw energy and enthusiasm left an indelible mark on 509, setting the stage for their continued participation. 


Over the years, 509's journey at Hay Days has been peppered with memorable moments. From drag racing rental cars on the snowmobile drag strip to the infamous midnight swap meet walks, the event has been a hub of fun and camaraderie. One particularly amusing memory involved Stephen Clarke, who seized the opportunity to playfully "borrow" the Dominos delivery guy's van, adding an extra layer of mischief to the festivities. 

Despite the significant growth and success 509 has achieved, their commitment to Hay Days and the passionate community of supporters and fans remains unwavering. They look forward to each year's event, where they can connect with those who share their love for snowmobiling and motorsport gear, creating unforgettable memories and experiences. 


509's journey at Hay Days is a testament to their adventurous spirit and their dedication to engaging with the motorsport community. From their modest beginnings at the corner of a booth to their current impressive presence, 509 has demonstrated how a passion for snowmobiling and motorsports can fuel remarkable growth and unforgettable experiences. As they continue to thrive in the industry, they look forward to many more years of thrilling encounters and adventures at Hay Days.